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  • Choked Channel.

    Clear Channel Radio has sent out orders to its managers to cut more costs, immediately, like:  “all research monies after 2/1. All advertising and promotion monies after 2/1. All new sales hire guarantees not already implemented, effective immediately (do NOT hire any additional salespeople, effective immediately). All new hires budgeted but not hired, effective immediately […]

  • What he said, but…

    Jerry Del Colliano is writing about Last.fm today. They’ve just opened up their music library for free requests on demand, with ads. Jerry says they’ll fail with young people, because young music fans want to own their music. Could be. Jerry’s reacting to a Motley Fool commentary that claims Last.fm will kill broadcast music radio. […]

  • News Break, ala MarconiDreams.com

    This just in: I’m sitting here listening to Dinah Washington on my computer, from Last.fm. They just rolled out free on-demand listening by artist. Just go to the site and type in an artist’s name, and bingo, you’re listening to that artist. You only get one track at a time, and there’ll be an on-screen […]

  • And…we’re back.

    My self-pitying tone of the other day notwithstanding, I’ve decided I’m not shutting down Marconi Dreams, the blog. It’s a good mental health device. I’m going to post here every day, if I think I have something readable to write. Because I care about your mental health, too. Speaking of which, I’m convinced that radio […]

  • What he said.

    I’m thinking of folding up this site. Or, at least the blog part. Which, right now, is all there is. Every day I open up my email and find Jerry Del Colliano, giving the radio business (and the music biz, while he’s at it) an ice-water enema. Excuse my coarseness. They need it. Maybe we […]

  • Radio Follies.

    HD Radio got a lot of attention at the Computer Electronics Show. Uh huh. Now there’s considerable buzz about the new “song tagging” feature they’re talking about adding to car radios. Radio stations encode digital info about songs they’re playing. The listener can push a button on his radio and save the information, so he […]


    I really don’t see the point of writing a hopeful post about American commercial radio. If you follow the radio trades (see a list in my right column), you’ll find the recent buzz was all about Clear Channel‘s seeming company-wide, country-wide firings of seasoned, successful employees — local radio stars in some of the major […]


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Heinrich Hertz's experiments proved the existence of electromagnetic radiation. Cycles-per-second, the standard measure of radio wave frequency, was named for him. He died in 1894, at 37. Wikipedia: Hertz


What do you do with a problem like Howard? After decades of profits and FCC indecency fines as routine budget items, Howard Stern, king of all pottymouth radio guys, followed his enabler Mel Karmazin to Sirius Satellite Radio, leaving CBS to make up a hundred million in revenue (They sold stations) and fill the void for the half of Howard's loyal audience who didn't choose to buy a new radio and pay fifteen bucks a month for a few more, ranker epithets.
Wikipedia: Stern


CBS might have become the Cigar Broadcasting System. William S. Paley was the scion of the family business. In 1927, his cigar tycoon dad, Samuel, bought the struggling network of early radio stations from a group of poor schlumps who were trying to – would you believe: sell programming to radio stations! Every syndicator since has had to relearn that this doesn't work. Bill and his dad figured out the right business model -- you sell commercials to advertisers, and give the programs to stations. Got it?
Wikipedia: Paley